About Derek Youngquist

“My pieces are like thumbprints. There are no two alike.”

A master of unique finishes and textures, Derek Youngquist is an artist who works primarily with mild steel to create commanding metal wall sculptures.  Typically, one of his pieces will be 48 inches by 60 inches and weigh approximately forty-five pounds.  Armed with a laser torch and his inspiration, he must move precisely as he cuts, shapes and molds the hot metal.  Derek frequently combines the molten metal with stone, wood, fiber or ceramic, creating multi-faceted artwork.  This artist’s work is so diverse that it can be categorized as sculpture, as metal art or as mixed media depending on the piece.

Using a complex process known only to him, the artist applies color pigment and acid which chemically react to the metal itself, to create brilliant colors; colors that flash when light touches them, colors that accentuate the shapes and textures of his art forms, colors that bring intensity and depth to his impressive works.  This method is lengthy.  Many factors (including the temperature of his studio) determine the ultimate color.  Derek returns repeatedly to his studio, combining other metals, adding other elements, and retouching the pigments and acids until the art reflects his true vision.